Friday, April 17, 2009

Air Infiltration Around Floor Rim Joists

One task that awaits me is inspection of the interface between the masonry foundation and the wood frame structure above it. The floor joists essentially sit on the masonry, capped by the rim joist which runs parallel to the foundation wall and perpendicular to the joists. A house does not have to be 94 years old to yield voids in this interface between stone and wood. Gaps promote not only air infiltration, but also provide entry for spiders and the like. At some of the corners, mice might even be able to whittle a pathway or two.

Here's a view from beneath the deck.
This is actually outside. You're looking at the wall to the crawl space under the kitchen. The joist-to-foundation interface is pretty obvious. I will work on this with a combination of caulk and foam-in-a-can stuff. I know I mention that a lot. I'll need plenty, I think.

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