Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Energy Audits: The Infrared Advantage

It's fair to say that this house has more than its share of air leaks. The real challenge is to prioritize. That's where the infrared imagery from the energy audit comes in handy. Big leaks come before the little ones. Infrared (IR) imagery helps to put an order of magnitude on these opportunities.
In this case, we're looking at the floor in the dining room where a bay window bump-out extends from the north face of the house. This is an overhang; you can actually go outside and stand beneath this area:

One task for me is to remove the shoe molding and fill behind with caulk or expandable "foam in a can." The other task is to remove the external planking beneath this and install insulation. Given the space available, that insulation will probably be one-inch thick rigid board.

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